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Babsy, the service concept


Our strategy is the competent dialog with the user as a partnership, which has benefits for both. Your host is not a seller with a more or less knowledge of the product and your daily work but the programmer, which is also a user. Our target are productive and easy to use programs made by engineers for engineers. Within this combination of strategy and target the user feedback for solving specialized conditions, unhandled items by the standard or just only tips 'how to ease it up' enhanced the flexibility of the product. This is a 'natural' evolution.


We want content users ! Because of this, help is availiable for installation, productive work, questions on hardware and standards. Who else will offer this for free ? For any questions, suggestions, tips and wishes you can refer to our free (!)Hotline-Service, Fax and E-Mail at any time. Call_Us.jpg - 9 kB
If you decide to buy babsy, we do the layout of the printout header according to your design and/or corporate identity for free. Each module is delivered with a comprehensive paper and/or CD documentation complete with a sample calculation. Sorry, but by now not all programs are documented in english yet. This will soon be completed. Nevertheless, normally no one reads the documentation when the product is self-explaining.
We realize special requests and requirements at low budgets ! Rely on our knowhow and competence in case of interfaces to related Though we are also users of our product, we do calculation jobs. This can be a point of interest if you do not have the standards or programs in question.


Of course we offer training courses. But babsy is so easy to use, that it is nearly impossible to sell then. Sorry 'bout that, but otherwise it indicates the high quality of our product.


Babsy was born 1983. Since then, a lot of our clients certified their calculations at the certification institutions like TUEV, Lloyds etc. The number of program faults in this long range term was far below the average which also indicates the high quality of our product. The complete calculation of all a refinery's pipe classes was certified by TUEV Karlsruhe completely fault free. But keep in mind: There is no possibility of a 100% software product.


Update.jpg - 5 kB A good program is a 'living thing' and subject to permanent evolution. So is babsy. Examples for its evolution during the past 18 years are jobcode, mass calculation, bilinguarity, mouse sensivity and the 'big bang', the portation to windows based system (and its obvious lacks). Another aspect is the actualization of standards and the development of new modules. We keep you (and many of our clients us) informed about the actual state of the art. Registered users are informed every 3 months by the 'babsy news post' and by now by our homepage's 'news'.
You may sign a support contract on the whole package, but you must not do it!
As an alternate, we offer the possibility to purchase the module-based updates for a sum based on 10% of the actual price of the module in question.


The actual module and package prices are shown in the Programs and prices Please note the favourite package prices. Prices for options and multiple lizences can be taken from Options

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If so, please contact us for a free consult. We offer a 3-week limited full test version !