Program packages, modules, material databases and prices

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Actual issue April 2005. You can combine any module and packages. For a more detailed information about the module, just click it. For a general description see 'the babsy concept'. If you want the module and/or package to be delivered bilinguar, that is english and german output/printouts add a 10% fee to the price given. If you prefer to lease the system please refer to Options nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Program packages
5001ADBPACKPackage AD- B1...B10 + BABSY + BABSYWL13990.00
5002ADSPACKPackage AD-S31, S32, S33, S34, S35, S37 + BABSY + BABSYWL12590.00
5003TRDPACKPackage TRD301...320 + BABSY + BABSYWL12095.00
5011ASTPACKPackage ASME VIII71 (incl. UHX) + BABSY + BABSYWL13895.00
5011ENPACKPackage EN13445 with BBSYEN1...BBSYEN10 + BABSY + BABSYWL13695.00
5011EN13480PACKPackage EN13480 including BBSYE4801...4809, 48011,48012 + BABSY + BABSYWL14295.00
5004RLBPACK"Piper's package", including: BABSY, BBSYWL, TRD301,TRD301-1,TRD301-2, TRD303,BBSYB2, BBSYB3,BBSYB5 (nur ebene Böden), DIN2505 und DIN2413 4295.00
5100WSTPACKackage EN-, DIN-, AD- and VDTuev-Material749.00
5100ASWPACKPackage ASME-Material, data for ASME VIII/1895.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Main Modules (required, if not including in package)
001BABSYMain Program (Overlay) 75.00
002BBSYWL1Material reader (for automatic and manual input)125.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
101BBSYB1B1: Cylinder and spherical shells, int. pressure 95.00
102BBSYB2B2:Conical shells, internal/external pressure395.00
103BBSYB3B3: Dished heads,internal/external pressure395.00
104BBSYB4B4: Spherically domed and bolted ends395.00
105BBSYB5AB5: Part 1: Flat heads and covers495.00
115BBSYB5BB5: Part 2: Tubesheets845.00
106BBSYB6B6: Cylinder shells subj. to external pressure335.00
107BBSYB7B7: Bolts375.00
108BBSYB8B8: Flanges749.00
109BBSYB9B9: Openings in cylinder- and spherical shells895.00
110BBSYB10B10: Thick walled pipes (with thermal stress) 95.00
113BBSYB13B13: Compensator745.00
114BBSYB11B1-A1: AD-B1, addendum 1 Elbows195.00
115BBSYB51B5-A1: AD-B5, addendum 1: Pipes with rectangular cross-section245.00
121BBSYS01S1: Limits of static and dynamic loads249.00
122BBSYS02S2: Dynamic loads analysis495.00
131BBSYS31S3/1: Stand frames and skirts645.00
132BBSYS32S3/2: Vessels on saddles575.00
133BBSYS33S3/3: Vessels with feet at dished head645.00
134BBSYS34S3/4: Lugs565.00
135BBSYS35S3/5: Vessels with ring supports385.00
136BBSYS36S3/6: External loads on nozzle .. see WRC, BS5500
137BBSYS37S3/7: Thermal stress (now included in AD-B5)---.-- nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
201TRD301TRD301: Cylinder shells and openings (except Y's)485.00
211TRD301TRD301: Y-formpieces with cylindrical shells495.00
202TRD301_1TRD301, add.1: Cyclic stress495.00
203TRD301_2TRD301, add.2: Elbows195.00
204TRD303TRD303: Spherical shells, dished heads and openings495.00
205TRD303_1TRD303, add.1: Cyclic stress495.00
206TRD304TRD304: Heat furnaces385.00
207TRD305TRD305: Flat heads749.00
208TRD306TRD306: Cylinder shells subj. to external pressure355.00
209TRD309TRD309: Bolts375.00
210TRD320TRD320: Pipes with rectangular cross-section245.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
British Standard BS5500
301BBSYBS1Cylinder and spherical shells subject to internal pressure245.00
302BBSYBS2Cones subject to internal pressure245.00
303BBSYBS3Dished heads subject to internal pressure245.00
304BBSYBS4Spherically domed and bolted ends495.00
305BBSYBS5Flat heads755.00
306BBSYBS6Tube sheets758.00
307BBSYBS7Cylinder, spheres and cones subject to external pressure755.00
308BBSYBS8Bolted flange connections755.00
309BBSYBS9Openings (according appendix F)995.00
322BBSYBSG2Integral attachments, lugs and nozzles with external loads due to app. G1795.00
323BBSYBSG3Vessels supported by saddles575.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
ASME Code Section I
451BBSYAS11PG-27: cylinder shells subject to internal pressure120.00
453BBSYAS31PG-29: Dished heads subject to internal pressure185.00
455BBSYAS51PG-31: Flat heads995.00
459BBSYAS91PG32 ff: Openings995.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
ASME Code Section VIII/1
401BBSYAS1UG-27: Cylinder and spheres subject to internal pressure120.00
402BBSYAS2UG-32: Conical shells subject to internal pressure185.00
403BBSYAS3UG-32: Dished heads subject to internal pressure185.00
405BBSYAS5UG-34: Flat heads and covers995.00
407BBSYAS7Cylinders, spheres and cones subject to external pressure755.00
408BBSYAS8App.L, UG-44: Bolted circular flange connection755.00
409BBSYAS9Openings acc. UG37,-40,-41,-42995.00
410BBSYAS9Part UHX Tubesheets1600.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
501BBSYAN31Pipes acc. ANSI B31.1 (Power plants)120.00
502BBSYAN31BElbows acc. ANSI B31.1/ASME III150.00
503BBSYAN31SMitred bends acc. ANSI B31.1150.00
519BBSYAN38Openings acc. ANSI B31.1 (Power plants)585.00
511BBSYAN33Pipes acc. ANSI B31.3 (Process pipes)120.00
512BBSYAN33BElbows acc. ANSI B31.3150.00
519BBSYAN39Openings acc. ANSI B31.3 (Process pipes)585.00
541BBSYAN41Pipes acc. ANSI B31.4 (Liquid petroleum)120.00
549BBSYAN49Openings acc. B31.4 (Liquid petroleum)585.00
581BBSYAN81Pipes acc. ANSI B31.8 (Gas transmission)120.00
589BBSYAN89Openings acc. B31.8 (Gas transmission)585.00
591BBSYWLETWeldolets150.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Welding research council bulletin WRC
tress calculation of integral parts (circular, rectangular lugs and nozzles) at cylindrical and spherical shells ...
1001WRC107AS... Superposition acc. ASME Code III, Subsections NB3200/NB36002095.00
1002WRC107S3... Superposition acc. AD--S3/61650.00
1004WRC107AS... Spannungsüberlagerung nach BS5500 Appendix G21650.00
SStress calculation of integral parts (circular, rectangular lugs and nozzles) at cylindrical shells...
1101WRC297AS... Superposition acc. ASME Code III, Subsections NB3200/NB36001650.00
1102WRC297S3... Superposition acc. AD--S3/61345.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Stoomwezen (Netherland)
601BBSYST1D0201: Cyl./Spheres/Cones subject to internal pressure185.00
602BBSYST2D0203: Dished heads, knuckled cones subject to internal pressure335.00
603BBSYST3D0205: Spherically domed and bolted ends395.00
604BBSYST4D0206: Rectangular pipes subject to internal pressure125.00
605BBSYST5D0210: Toroidal bends (elbows) subject to internal pressure195.00
616BBSYST16D0211: Mitred bends subject to internal pressure125.00
606BBSYST6D0301: Cyl./Spheres/Cones subject to external pressure345.00
607BBSYST7D0303: Dished heads subject to external pressure 95.00
608BBSYST8D0401-0402: Flat heads355.00
609BBSYST9D0403-0405: Tube sheets995.00
610BBSYST10D0501-0502: Openings in shells995.00
611BBSYST11D0503: Openings in flat heads245.00
612BBSYST12D0701/0801: Flanged connections755.00
613BBSYST13D0601: Stiffeners295.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
DIN EN13445-3 acc. Druckgeräterichtlinie (DGRL)
801BBSYEN01Cylinder and spherical shells, subject to internal pressure95.00
802BBSYEN02Dished heads, subject to internal pressure245.00
803BBSYEN03Conical shells, subject to internal pressure245.00
804BBSYEN04Shells subject to external pressure645.00
805BBSYEN05Openings in cylinder- and spherical shells845.00
806BBSYEN06Flat heads and covers285.00
807BBSYEN07Flanged connections755.00
808BBSYEN08Spherically domed and bolted ends495.00
811BBSYEN01Rectangular pressure vessels245.00
812BBSYEN02External nozzle loads in cylinder and spherical shells755.00
813BBSYEN03Lifting lugs125.00
814BBSYEN04Vessels supported by saddles575.00
815BBSYEN05Vessels supported by lugs385.00
816BBSYEN06Vessels with feet at dished head230.00
817BBSYEN07Vessels with skirt supports645.00
818BBSYEN08Vessels supported by rings555.00
819BBSYEN09Simplified dynamic load analysis320.00
821BBSYEN10Optimized flanged connections acc. App. G (equal to EN1591)1150.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
DIN EN13480-3 metallic pipelines
851BBSYE48001Cylindrical and spherical shells subject to internal pressure95.00
852BBSYE48002Albows acc. annex B195.00
853BBSYE48003Mitred bends acc. chaptger 6.3125.00
854BBSYE48001Reducers subject to internal pressure, chapter 6.4245.00
855BBSYE48001Flange connections, chapter 6.6755.00
856BBSYE48001dished heads,subject to internal pressure, chapter 7.1245.00
857BBSYE48001Flat heads acc. chapter 7.2325.00
858BBSYE48001Openings acc. chapter 8845.00
859BBSYE48001Shells subject to external pressure, chapter 9755.00
860BBSYE48001Pipe lugs acc. chapter 11450.00
861BBSYE48001Y-formpieces acc. chapter 8395.00
862BBSYE48001Cyclic loads acc. chapter 10275.00
863BBSYE48001Compensators acc. Annex C755.00 descriptionPrice Euro
EN12952-3 Water boilers and plant components
901BBSYEN1201EN12952-3 Ch. 7.11, Cylinder and spherical shells, subject to internal pressure95.00
952BBSYEN1202EN12952-3 Annex A, Elbows195.00
903BBSYEN1203EN12952-3 Chapter 10, Dished heads, subject to internal pressure245.00
905BBSYEN1206EN12952-3 Chapter 8/10 Openings in cylinder- and spherical shells845.00
907BBSYEN1207EN12952-3 Chapter 8/4 Bolts375.00
923BBSYEN1230EN12952-3 Derivation of the test pressure95.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
2001DIN2413Pipes and elbows according DIN2413385.00
2002DIN2505Flange connections according DIN2505 V, (obsolete, see EN1591)895.00
2003DIN2505EFlange connections according DIN2505 E,preliminary, (obsolete, see EN1591)895.00
2004DIN4119Flat bottom tanks according DIN4119 including roof analysis and steel beams database2295.00
2005DIN6625Rectangular tanks according DIN6625285.00
2007D28081_4Vessel feet according DIN28081, part 4435.00
2008DIN28084Support rings according DIN28084495.00
3001EN1591Flange connections according Euronorm En15911150.00
2101BOGSEGMTMitred bends 95.00
2102BAYERKRJacketed vessels, calculation of knuckle acc. Bayer-WN245.00
2103BASF_KRJacketed vessels, calculation of knuckle acc. BASF-WN245.00
2010BBSYCOLStatic/dynamic analysis of funnels or columns with wind and earthquake1785.00
2009D18800_4Buckling of shells according DIN18800, part 4615.00
2105STAND00Overturning of vessels DIN 1050, 4114 inkl. standard supports acc. DIN28081/82495.00
2106VDTUV367Opening in Klöpper-type heads (addenda to AD-B3)345.00
2107VDT1063Buried pipes according VDTuev 1063395.00
2201TEMATube sheets according TEMA845.00
2202TEMASaddles due to horizontal loads acc. TEMA495.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Material databases, national german standards and EN's
4001BMATB1Plates according DIN, AD, VDTÜV,EN355.00
4002BMATR1Seamless pipes according DIN, AD, VDTÜV,EN245.00
4003BMATR3Welded pipes according DIN, AD, VDTÜV,EN245.00
4004BMATS0Bolts according to DIN17240, DIN267155.00
4005BMATS1Forgings according AD, VDTuev and EN155.00
4006BMATS2Forgings according DIN 1724385.00
4007BMATB2Nonferrous plates according AD-W and DIN1745160.00
4008BMATR2Nonferrous pipes according AD-W and DIN1746 95.00
4009BMATB3Plates according EN10028-7, cold formed160.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Material databases, international
4021BMATBSB1Plate material according British Standard235.00
4022BMATBSR1Seamless pipes according British Standard235.00
4011BMATASB1Plates acc. ASME II, Part D, for ASME VIII/1250.00
4012BMATASR1Seamless pipes acc. ASME II, Part D, for ASME VIII250.00
4013BMATASR2Welded pipes acc. ASME II, Part D, for, ASME VIII/1250.00
4014BMATASS0Forgings acc. ASME II, Part D, for ASME VIII/1250.00
4031BMATSAB1Plates according Stoomwezen/ASME M0201, M0202149.00
4032BMATSAR1Seamless pipes according Stoomwezen/ASME M0301, M0302149.00
4033BMATSAR2Welded pipes according Stoomwezen/ASME M0301, M040249.00
4034BMATSAS1Forgings according Stoomwezen/ASME M0601, M060299.00
4035BMATSAS0Bolts according Stoomwezen/ASME M0602, M0701, M0702, M080269.00
4041BMATBAB1Plates according BS5500/ASME nach BS5500 enquiry case 9139.00
4042BMATBAR1Seamless pipes BS5500/ASME nach BS5500 enquiry case 9139.00
4043BMATBAR2Welde pipes according BS5500/ASME nach BS5500 enquiry case 9139.00
4044BMATBAS1Forgings according BS5500/ASME nach BS5500 enquiry case 9139.00 nameModule descriptionPrice Euro
Object databases
4501BABSYGSKGasket strength properties database containing for example Kempchen, Klinger, Reinz, ca 300 records125.00
4502BABSYCATGeometry database containing dimensions of flanges (DIN/ANSI/TEMA/BS), gaskets and fittings, est. 3000 records500.00