You may combine any compilation of modules and/or packages. You'll get an individual offer for it. All prices are netto, less of any tax and for either an english or german language based version.

Bilinguar input/output english/german

If you are in need of a bilinguar output (input is a minor requirement, but included), add 10% to the prices. Interested in other local languages ? All text files are external. In case of need we may do the work together.

Leasing babsy ?

Another way to get babsy at affordable costs is to lease it. That may be an interesting effect with regards to your local tax conditions. So check it up ! To ensure you with the benefits of keeping up to date, a service margin is included in the cost calculation. The leasing rates are easily obtained by following formula:

Leasing costs p/A = (Sum of module/package prices) / 4 * 1.175

The divisor 4 means a write-off in 4 years, factor 1.175 contains the price advance for service of 10% and lease of 7.5%.
Example: You favour packages ADBPACK (7800.- DM) ADSPACK (5000.- DM) and WSTPack (1450.- DM):

Leasing costs p/A = (7800 + 5000 + 1450) / 4 * 1.175 = 4185.94 DM p/A

Multiple licences

Prices are based on a single user licence. In case of multiple licences we distinguish between so called: