Sample constructions

some samples of constructed vessels, calculated with babsy
Kolonne.jpg 23 kB Column dia.. 3000/2400, 31700 mm long, F.A.Neuman
K1.jpg 37 kB Reactor dia. 4400 x 7720 mm, F.A.Neuman
K2.jpg 16 kB Agitator vessel, F.A.Neuman
K3.jpg 36 kB Desalter unit dia. 3000 x 6000 mm, F.A.Neuman
R1.jpg 30 kB Agitator vessel, Fa. RHE
R2.jpg 37 kB Thermal combustion unit, Fa. RHE
Filter.jpg 15 kB Filter, Fa. Knecht