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	Ingenieurbüro Dipl.Ing(TH) Th. Dutz
* D-63934 Röllbach v Deutscher Hof 11 Tel. 09372-923895 Fax. 09372-923896

The factory view - the style of our company

  Body and soul of a company do manifest themselves in the architectonic charm of it's plant design. Our administrative department's building (here a view from the north-west direction and wind velocity near zero) was designed by an avantgardistic architect which has passed his examination but nevertheless wants to be unnamed. The facade brilliates with overwelming flashes of the deepest humanity. The white wash in the foreground should be seen as a symbolic tool which could be written off with 3 % of the total costs and tax-free after their rank as a 'movable' object was accepted to be the art of 'new realistic style'

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